One Size Does Not Fit All!

Radio’s new secret weapon is out! TCCP Radio. We have an extensive resume of ratings success in both PPM and BBM markets and now our fully-customized system is available to a select number of radio stations focused on winning in either Arbitron or Eastlan markets.

Every market is different and requires individual attention. At TCCP Radio, we help you maximize your station, working within your systems and your budget. Ours is a hands-on approach focused on helping you play the right music at the right time. TCCP Radio’s consulting services include music scheduling, talent coaching and a completely individualized approach to helping your station be a ratings winner.

The TCCP Radio system is highly researched, scheduled for YOUR market and customized for your station. Classic Hits in Miami sounds entirely different than Classic Hits in Lubbock. The same can be said for all formats.

Here’s an example of what can happen with TCCP Radio’s One Size Does NOT Fit All approach:

In 10 short months, from sign on to #1, 107.7 The Eagle, is a success story. Jay Kelly does exceptional work with classic hits. The music is spot on and truly fills a whole in this marketplace. TCCP’s promotional support is excellent; from outlining creative to working on execution, TCCP works for our station. Sales ideas and sales support, no problem. We thank the people of Lubbock and our partners at TCCP for making us #1.

Chris Fleming
Chief Revenue Officer and General Manger
Ramar Communications
Lubbock, TX